InvisalignInvisalign is a non-invasive but very effective way of straightening your teeth. No more metal brackets, wires or elastics! The system involves a series of clear plastic retainers (less than one millimeter thick) that are custom designed using leading-edge computer technology. No one will know you are wearing them! The retainers may be removed during eating and cleaning your teeth, but for the best results they should be worn continuously for at least 22 hours of the day, that means overnight.

At regular intervals you will receive a new set of retainers that are a slightly altered fit. In this way your teeth are gradually straightened and you will be able to see the changes before your eyes! Once you and your dentist have decided on the Invisalign, your first visit will involve getting some very accurate moulds and before photos of your teeth. The information will get sent to special laboratories, who will work with your dentist to map out the specifics of your course of treatment. Then it is just a matter of coming in regularly to have the retainers changed and monitor your progress. You will have the smile you've always wanted in no time! It's as easy as that!

North Adelaide Dental Care is able to provide this service to their patients so ask your dentist if you are suitable.

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