North Adelaide Dental Care is very pleased to offer the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) Computer Restoration System for our Patients’ improved oral health.



What is CEREC?

  • Computer Aided Design and manufactured (CAD/CAM) process, by which Dentists are able to construct, produce and insert individual, or multiple, ceramic restorations in a single appointment
  • CEREC is suitable for tooth restorations by:
    • Inlays (restoration by a solid substance cemented in the tooth cavity)
    • Onlays (restoration of the cusp, or pointed projections, of the tooth)
    • Crowns (completely cover all surfaces of the tooth requiring restoration)
    • Veneers (restoration layer over the surface of the tooth to protect it or to improve appearance)

How does CEREC work?

  • One or more scans are taken of your mouth and the tooth or teeth that require restoration
  • A digital impression is then created from this scan, which is then used to design a customised, 3D tooth restoration (e.g. inlay, onlay, crown or veneer).
  • Natural ceramics are used to produce the restoration which closely resemble normal tooth enamel – these ceramics enable a long lasting, strong, durable, natural looking tooth restoration
  • The high precision of the CEREC restoration system, together with the custom made ceramic restoration, helps to ensure that your smile looks natural, and is long lasting!

Cerec North Adelaide Dental Care

What are the benefits of CEREC for patients:

  • CEREC enables a tooth to be restored in a single appointment – eliminating the need for multiple appointments and lab-work delays associated with more conventional techniques
  • The precision of the CEREC restoration system helps to ensure natural looking tooth restorations, enhancing your smile and confidence
  • A total solution - CEREC can be used on the front teeth as well as the sides of the mouth
  • Elimination of discomfort associated with unnecessary impression molds
  • Precision of the CEREC restoration system allows the maximum possible tooth enamel to be retained, ensuring strength and durability of the restoration


Porcellain Crowns (Before and After)

Porcellain Inlays (Before and After)

Porcellain Crown and Inlays (Before and After)

Porcellain Veneers

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