Dental Health Week 2020: Let’s become more ‘Sugar Savvy!’

The Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) annual oral health promotion is well and truly here and the North Adelaide Dental Care team are proud to once again join in on the Dental Health Week celebrations! This year’s focus is on the effect of sugar on oral health, with the aim to shed the light on hidden sugars to ultimately help everyone become more "sugar savvy." 

It's time to take a closer look at your supermarket purchases.

We all know sugar is bad for us -- especially for our pearly whites! -- but how much sugar do you really know you are eating per day?

Sugar can hide in many everyday foods, even ones you may consider to be “healthy” or claim to have no added or refined sugars.

They hide in plain sight with over 50 different forms and names, all of which can cause your sugar consumption to add up very quick without even realising -- and they can all contribute to tooth decay!

Figures show that the average Australian is consuming up to 14 teaspoons a day, which is a more than double the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit at 6 teaspoons of sugar, or otherwise 24 grams, per day.

It’s not as always easy to know how much sugar we are consuming, which is why organisations like the Australian Dental Foundation and the Australian Dental Association have put together several resources to help you better understand what is really in your food and to get you inside the recommended range.

Beyond limiting the surgar you eat, other good oral health habits include brushing your teeth twice-a-day, cleaning in between your teeth once-a-day with floss or an interdental brush, drinking water and seeing your dentist for regular dental check-ups.

The North Adelaide Dental Care team are dedicated to assisting you and your family in developing and maintaining positive oral health habits and encourage you to take a closer look at your supermarket purchases.

If you and/or any of your family members are due to see the dentist, please give us a call on (08) 8267 1894 to book your regular dental check-up. 

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