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Australia’s Dentist's issue warning about ‘dental tourism’: Don’t gamble with your wallet or your dental health

A warning issued by Australia’s dentists about ‘Dental Tourism’: Don’t gamble with your wallet or your dental health.

The Australian Dental Association have recently released a warning surrounding the risks involved with Dental Tourism and more broadly Medical Tourism. This has recently become a more accessible option to Australian’s to take advantage of while on overseas holidays and is mostly preferred by people to save money in the short term for major dental treatments.

Australian Dental Association (ADA) Deputy Chairman of the Oral Health Committee Dr Michael Foley said, “The decision to become a dental tourist usually comes to down to one simple thing – saving money. And while it’s true you may save some money in the short term, the reality is that things can go wrong and all those expected savings can quickly disappear and end up costing more than the holiday itself”.

However, there are numerous risks of complications associated especially with major Dental Treatments which can potentially lead to complications in future, which could lead to permanent damage or be expensive to rectify. There are variety of other factors that travellers must consider before taking any decision for dental tourism.

It's a matter of concern that several dental treatments can take place in a short period of time, which results in there not being enough time to recover from the treatment of one problem before proceeding to the next treatment. Thus, a much higher risk of a range of complications.  Another key factor to consider is the standard and quality of treatments that are provided in comparison with Australian based Dentists. The training and quality standards that must be adhered Australia and far more strict, which means that the risk of complications, including infections and antibiotic resistance is much lower.

Dr Foley concluded, “Complex procedures – medical or dental – should not be done over the course of a holiday. If you have the need for a complex medical treatment or procedure, it is best done in Australia where you can be assured of the safety and quality standards in place, and of the certainty of follow up.

“Don’t risk the ‘cheap health holiday away’ only to have a ‘big health bill’ after you come back”.

If you have any questions, or are considering any type of Dental Treatment overseas, we strongly recommend discussing this with one of our practitioners.

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