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Dr Miller discusses Dental Health Week 2017 on FiveAA

This year's theme was 'Oral Health for Busy Lives' with the goal of encouraging Australian's of all ages to consider taking care of their oral health as an intrinsically important part of their average day, something they can easily fold into their hectic schedule, no matter where they are. Dr Miller discusses this and other dental related issues during this interview with FiveAA.

Dr Miller discusses surging tooth decay, causing more kids requiring treatment under General Anaesthetic

Recent figures have shown that Child dental health is going backwards, as figures showing 630 children aged 0-3 had to be admitted to hospital in South Australia for dental treatment under general anaesthetic in the 2015-16 financial year. Over 2,500 children under the age of 8 were hospitalised for Dental Treatment, which is a 55% increase in a decade.

Australia’s Dentist's issue warning about ‘dental tourism’: Don’t gamble with your wallet or your dental health

A warning issued by Australia’s dentists about ‘Dental Tourism’: Don’t gamble with your wallet or your dental health. The Australian Dental Association have recently released a warning surrounding the risks involved with Dental Tourism and more broadly Medical Tourism. This has recently become a more accessible option to Australian’s to take advantage of while on overseas holidays and is mostly preferred…

Dr Miller discusses on FiveAA the nutrition of everyday snacks

A recent international news article discussed that dried fruit was more damaging to teeth compared to fatty snacks, Dr Miller discusses this article during an interview with local radio station, FiveAA. Dr Miller recommends whole natural fruits which are more nutritious, better for your generally well being and most importantly for your teeth. Baked Apple Slices are a healthier snack to consider rather…

Now Open on Sunday’s

We are pleased to advise that we are now open from 9AM until 3PM for general and emergency appointments, making it even more convenient to book an appropriate day and time. To book an appointment or for further enquiries, please give us a call on 82671894.

World no tobacco day: How does smoking affect your oral health?

The 31st of May is World No Tobacco Day, an initiative of the World Health Organization to highlight the risks associated with tobacco use, and to advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. Tobacco is linked to a number of health complications, including those inside your mouth. This day is an opportunity to again raise awareness of these conditions and encourage people to stop…

Congratulations to Jess Stanley for winning the ADA Excellence in Dental Journalism Award (Electronic Media)

Last year's Channel 9 Adelaide news story featuring Dr Miller which discussed the effects of the elderly not regularly visiting the dentist was recently recognised with presenter, Jessica Stanley winning the Australian Dental Association's Excellence in Dental Journalism Award (Electronic Media).

Proudly supporting the AUDSS Sleepout 2017

NADC is proudly supporting this year's Sleepout by Adelaide University Dental Students’ Society, which is part of the Community Outreach Dental Program provides dental and other health services for people who have suffered homelessness or have difficulty accessing conventional care.

Expressions of interest open to local sporting clubs for our Mouthguard Sponsorship Program

Our Mouthguard Sponsorship Program allows for players at to receive professionally fitted, custom-made laminate sports Mouthguards at discounted rates.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) maximum claim amount over 2 years reinstated to $1000

In December 2016, the Federal Government announced the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) would be cut from $1000 over two years to $700. But today (February 8, 2017) the Minister for Health Greg Hunt announced the cap would be reinstated to $1000 per child over a 2-year period.

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