Mouthguard Sponsorship Program

Dental OutreachNorth Adelaide Dental Care is proud to offer our Mouthguard Sponsorship to local sporting clubs.

When playing contact sports such as football and ice hockey, a well-fitting mouthguard is essential to protect your jaw, teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. We recommend dual laminate sports mouthguards as they are extremely effective in preventing facial and dental injury from occurring. Such mouthguards are also made in a dental laboratory to ensure they fit the mouth perfectly, and therefore offer the maximum level of comfort and protection.

We are seeking expressions of interests for local sporting clubs to join our program, which will allow for players at your club to receive professionally fitted, custom-made laminate sports mouthguards at massively discounted rates!

For more information on your sporting club joining our program, please email and please provide the following and we will be in touch:

  • Name of Club
  • Sporting Code
  • Contact person
  • Number of Senior and Junior teams

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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